Early Childhood Music

The years from birth through age six are critical to a child’s learning and music development and the Armstrong Community Music School offers a myriad of early childhood music classes. Join your little one or maybe they can do it all by themselves? Sing and dance with friends, even bilingually. Children learn about music, rhythm and movement, and most importantly, they’ll have fun while doing so.

See below for all of our early childhood classes. The Armstrong Community Music School has a one-time $35 registration fee per family. This charge covers all of our programs and is valid for an entire household.


Why Early Childhood Music?
Music is a powerful force in early childhood because young children’s attention is tuned into the sounds around them. Hearing begins in utero at the fourth month, and most children hear well by the time they are born. In fact, in a recent study, infants were able to pick out minute changes in melodies at the age of only one or two months. While six-month-olds may not be ready for math, they are acutely attentive to—and responsive to—musical sounds.

During the first five years of a child’s life the brain is much more active than later on. This is a crucial time for laying down the circuitry that will last a lifetime. A child’s musical aptitude can fluctuate or atrophy from lack of quality stimulation. Neuroscience clearly indicates that what doesn’t get used during early childhood will be pared away by our efficient body/brain mechanisms.

Given opportunities to play and experiment with music, and supported by strong modeling from parents, teachers and other caregivers, children’s musical abilities will flourish naturally. Children have an inherent tendency to be musical and their music aptitude develops in response to active music making, just as their ability to talk develops by absorbing language. Thus non-formal family music making—whether it happens in class, at home, in the car, or at the park—stimulates music learning. The goal is to generate, in each classroom and home, a very rich assortment of sound, sight, tonal, rhythmic, imaginative, and emotional experiences.


Early Childhood Music Classes at Armstrong


Make-up Classes
A wide range of class times are available for make-ups, but you must call our registrar at (512) 474-2331 to reserve a spot in class. Make-ups must occur within the same session as the missed class. Any make-ups related to severe weather conditions do not count towards the limit of two make-ups per session.

Cancellations and Refunds
Certain classes that do not enroll a required minimum number of students 5 days prior to class convening may be cancelled. Students who have paid for a cancelled class will receive a refund or may apply credit to another currently enrolling class or private lesson. ACMS will allow a one-time cancellation of a class registration or class switch without penalty. A $15 fee will be imposed for multiple registration changes.

If a family needs to drop a class, ACMS will refund the classes missed if the class is dropped within the first 3 weeks of class during long sessions (5 weeks or longer). Refunds are not available after the first week of class for short sessions (3 to 6 weeks). Once materials (songbook and CD) have been picked up, the cost of those items is nonrefundable.