ACMS Greatest Hits (Summer II 2017)

Week of July 24th – Week of August 28th
Class fee: $179, 6 weeks
Price includes a CD and a book
Ages: 6 weeks – 5 years
Class length: 45 minutes
Class information:
Early Childhood > Summer Early Childhood > ACMS Originals

Additional siblings: $144.00 for the second child. $72.00 for a third or fourth child. Additional siblings born after July 24th, 2016, are FREE for the mixed-age classes.

Early Registration Discounts:

30% off April 24th - 30thFirst ChildSecond ChildThird or Fourth Child
All Summer II Classes$135.80$100.80$50.40


Online registration is no longer available. Please call us at (512) 474-2331 for options.


Use the search function to filter the schedule by day, teacher or location etc.
Mondays9:30amLarisa MontanaroAges 0-5
Mondays10:30amLarisa MontanaroAges 0-5
Mondays11:30amLarisa MontanaroNo longer available.
Tuesdays9:30amSage Holli BaraFULL! No more registrations allowed.

Tuesdays10:30amSage Holli BaraAges 0-5
Tuesdays10:30amQuerenciaLarisa MontanaroNo longer available.
Tuesdays11:30amSage Holli BaraNo longer available.
Tuesdays3:30pmAmy HackerdNo longer available.
Tuesdays4:45pmAmy HackerdNo longer available.
Wednesdays9:30amSara SheerinNo longer available.
Wednesdays10:30amSara SheerinNo longer available.
Wednesdays12:30pmSara SheerinNo longer available.
Thursdays9:30amLarisa MontanaroAges 0-5
Thursdays10:30amLarisa MontanaroNo longer available.
Thursdays11:30amLarisa MontanaroNo longer available.
Fridays9:30amToshio ManaNo longer available.
Fridays10:30amToshio ManaNo longer available.
Fridays12:30pmToshio ManaAges 0-5
Fridays4:45pmAmy HackerdNo longer available.
Saturdays9:30amSara SheerinAges 0-5
Saturdays10:30amSara SheerinNo long available.
Sundays10:00amKerri AtwoodAlmost full! Please call 512 474-2331 to register.

Online registration is no longer available. Please call us at (512) 474-2331 for options.