Performance Classes

Performance Classes are an opportunity to practice the art of performance outside of a formal recital setting. The class will provide students an opportunity to build important skills as musicians and prepare for recitals or other public events. Unless otherwise noted, performance classes will be scheduled for the first Sunday of each month.

  • Teachers may be present, but not parents/families. We have a library upstairs, seating throughout the building, and free wifi. Make yourself at home, and think of this as an extension of your child’s lesson time rather than a public performance.
  • Students may play up to two pieces, and pieces need not be performed in their entirety – performing a specific section is fine!
  • Out of consideration for all participants, students will be expected to stay for the full class (rather than playing and leaving).
  • A faculty monitor will be at each Performance Class to ensure that the class runs smoothly and that it is a helpful and nurturing experience for participants.


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How to Register

Students can register at the front desk or by calling the Registrar at 512-474-2331. There is a small fee of $5/student/class to reserve a Performance Class slot. The fee will help cover the staff time needed for setup, and the faculty monitor. The fee is due when the students registers, or can be added to a family’s auto-billing for that month.

  • If an accompanist is needed, it is the student’s responsibility to schedule and compensate the pianist.
  • Performance Class slots must be reserved by noon on the Friday before. If a class has no students signed up by the Friday-noon deadline, the class will be canceled.
  • The total playing time of the section or piece(s) the student will be performing must be provided at the time of signup. Please try to be as accurate as possible when estimating time, since this will determine how many students will be able to participate. Confirm with your teacher if you are unsure. Titles of pieces are NOT needed.
  • EC1 will be reserved for one hour for the Performance Class. If there is another event that afternoon, the time allotted will reduce to 30 minutes.


See Upcoming Performance Classes