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Kitchen Instruments

  • I know it’s a recurring theme, but it certainly goes along with the music! Can introduce by saying that the kiddos need to help mom in the kitchen (this works for Little Drummers too).

I was thinking about doing the same thing for the verses (i.e. clicking the sticks) and then changing it when we do verses. Could do neutral syllables for the verses. Or we could walk around the farm and hear the different animals sing about their part in the farm (“bock-bock-bock”)

  • peel the carrots (scrape sticks)
  • stir the soup (pretend it’s a spoon)
  • roll out the pizza (roll sticks on the floor)
  • build some bunk beds (pretend to use hammer)
  • work in the garden (pretend to dig with stick)
  • play the drums (gotta take a break from all that work!)
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  1. Toshio says:

    I wonder if this would work well as some sort of cumulative verse song like Twelve Days of Christmas. Or would that get too long and tedious?

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