Grassy Grass Grass

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Optional chant, “Grassy Grass Grass”
I think to make this work better in the classroom, you can do four lines at a time since they all relate and have them say them back to you. You can add four lines week by week until eventually you have the whole thing.

Grassy grass grass
Tree tree tree
Leafy Leaf Leaf
One Two Three

Birdy Bird Bird
Fly Fly Fly
Nest Nest Nest
High High High

Cloudy Cloud Cloud
Wind-y Wind Wind
Rain Rain Rain
Mud Mud Mud

Doggy Dog Dog
Run-ny Run Run
Quick-y Quick Quick
Home-y Home Home

Bed-dy Bed Bed
Sheet-y Sheet Sheet
Sleep-y Sleep Sleep
Dream-y Dream Dream

Dance-y Dance Dance
Sing-y Sing Sing
Grow Grow Grow
Big-gy Big Big

One comment on “Grassy Grass Grass
  1. Natalie Naquin says:

    Additional verses I made up (for a longer session – not sure if you guys really need it for this, but on the other hand, maybe your kids will enjoy helping you invent other verses?):

    After the “doggy run quicky home” verse:
    (have to clean up after playing in the mud!)
    Bathy Bath Bath
    Tubby tub tub
    Scrubby scrub scrub
    Cleany clean clean
    (and now, we’re hungry for dinner!)
    Stir-ry stir stir
    Soupy soup soup
    Munchy munch munch
    Yummy yum yum!
    (then it’s time for bed :)

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