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Circle Dance with the CD (the teacher can be the mailman if you’d like)
You can devise it however you’d like but I thought I’d put something together as a starting point. I like having a dance that we do the same way each time so that they get some confidence in doing the moves and they start to know which move comes next. Little drummers kids will love to learn the dance too.

  • “I see the mailman…”: Walk around in a circle with active arms
  • “Run-run-run…”: run in place
  • “Howdy Mr Mailman”: Walk around the circle and wave
  • “I will look and see see…”: Walk into the circle for 4 steps, then back out…repeat
  • “Flippity flip”: flip through your imaginary mailbag with a flippy hand
  • “No…”: Can shake head and finger “no”
  • “please look again”: Walk in and out of the circle again like “look and see”
  • “No…”: gesture same as before
  • “Gosh, gee willickers”: slap your thighs in a “Gosh darn” way (shuckers!)
  • “Goodbye”: Walk and wave like beginning

Little Drummers Teachers:
I will have a pseudo “mailbag” in the closet if you want to use it for games. You can create some kind of game using an empty mailbag – the kids can take turns being the mailman – maybe sometimes there will be mail in there!

Large movement substitution song
You can just kind of get hung-up on how you’re going to get to the mailman (run in place, swim, fly, paddle, spin, gallop, waltz….).

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  1. Toshio says:

    I avoid giving my kids any inspiration to run so, instead of risking the “run”-ing second verse I’ve opted to whistle. I could skip it entirely, I suppose. But it’s fun to whistle and walk in tempo.

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