Needle Sing

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  • small movement with rhythmic slapping and clapping


  • Pretend the sticks are knitting needles
  • sticks up and down for needle and thread
  • “zinga zinga” scrape sticks
  • rocking baby, roll sticks

Kitchen Instruments
yeah yeah…

2 comments on “Needle Sing
  1. Natalie Naquin says:

    Also turned this into a “cooking” themed song, also with sticks:

    We’re makin’ some soup (or pizza or whatever) in the kitchen,
    makin’ some soup in the kitchen…

    Then extend with verses and appropriate stick actions, for example:

    Chopping up some onions (carrots, mushrooms, whatever)…
    Scraping some potatoes/shredding some cheese… (similar motion)
    Shaking some salt and pepper…
    Rolling out some dough (for pizza, or dumplings for soup, since we’re goin’ all southern here…)
    Stirring it all together…

    Finish with, “We’re eating our soup/pizza/whatever in the kitchen…”

  2. Toshio says:

    I would think this would be fun with scarves. Form a ring/o-shape with one hand and thread a scarf through.

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