Pretty and Shiny-o

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Small movement with or without substitutions

  • act out the verses


  • to make things pretty and shinyo
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  1. Natalie Naquin says:

    Okay, this new forum is really cool so posting a comment for fun, even though I’m not doing Guthrie this session….

    I actually turned this into a soft and bouncy rhythmic chant (rather than worrying about singing the melody, which felt to me like it would be a little awkward to try to sing anyhow). Used scarves as props and introduced a “sweeping” sound effect as rhythmic ostinato (chhh ch-ch, chhh ch-ch…) to start the song activity and then transition between different actions. Also of course I deviated from the actual song actions at some point and made up my own (Oh I take my brush, I brush my hair…), or invited suggestions from families.

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