Race You Down the Mountain

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**Just be careful with this one. Depending on the age group and the group of kids, you could be asking for disaster if they really want to race. I suggest running in place for that verse.

Large movement

  • follow the verses (run and jump, etc)
  • they could roll along the ground to pretend they’re rolling down the mountain
  • can use neutral syllable to extend any verse you want
One comment on “Race You Down the Mountain
  1. Natalie Naquin says:

    Really enjoyed turning this into a seated, small movement finger play as well. Start by running “finger people” up and down pretend mountain (i.e. up to top of head). Then for verses:

    I’ll race you down the mountain… (alternate hands running from head down to floor)
    I’ll chase you round the bushes… (alternate hands running in circles in front of you)
    Let’s run and jump the river… (both hands jump from lap to floor)
    Let’s rest beside the water… (sleepy hands)

    Sometimes extended with additional verses about some quiet activites we might do while beside the water – “have a little picnic,” “feed the ducks some bread,” “read a book…” – can wind down from there for a quiet finish, or dive in and “swim across the river” and continue the race for a more energetic ending/transition…

    Also sometimes extended with vocable on melody while we made our finger people “dance” (e.g. criss-cross, lap-shoulders-head-shoulders, etc.), first slow (macrobeat) then double-time (microbeat), which gets pretty frantic and fun. :)

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