Wake Up

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Small movement substitution song:

  • Can go through other daily chores (wash the dishes, make some soup (chop potatoes, peel carrots, etc)
  • You can make animal sounds (“Moo like a cow, like a cow, like a cow, like a cow”). It might be a mouthful of words for some of them, but that will add to the laughs and silliness.

Large movement substitution song:

  • After you wake up you can “stand up”, “walk around”, “jump up high”, “skip around”….etc


  • Can use a neutral syllable to do different things with the sticks since it’s just one verse repeated. You can also go with the soup-making theme above (peel carrots, chop onions (sniff sniff), etc.)


  • Can do household chores with you scarf/rag. You can fold it to “fold your clothes”, “scrub the floor”, “wash your toys”, “watch the birds” and watch your scarf fly around in the air, “get dressed” and put on your shawl.

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