Brincan y Bailan

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Can be used as a small movement song. Put palms together and then have them swish back and forth to the beat. You can have them “leap” more when the word “leap” happens. You can switch at different levels of the beat. You can use scarves for this as well. You can throw them up in the air when the fish leap.

This can also be brought up to standing with children leaping and dancing with or without scarves. You could even turn this into a parachute song and have the chute lift and lower as the fish leap.

One comment on “Brincan y Bailan
  1. Natalie Naquin says:

    Or following another parachute song, transition down by lowering the parachute to the floor and create a “river” platform for the fishy “leaping and dancing” motions.

    I’ve also extended this song with variations on the water theme (definitely had MT’s “Splishing and Splashing” chant in mind!) with appropriate motions and splish-splash sound effects:

    Splishing and splashing, we’re playing in the bathtub… (arms side to side)

    swimming in the pool (swimming arms)
    rowing in our boat (paddling/rowing)
    washing the dishes (scrubbing)
    and so on…

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