Scotland’s Burning

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This is a good small movement song (I’m sure you could turn it into large movement as well).

“Scotland’s Burning” cup hands around mouth and sing to one side of the room. “Scotland’s Burning” same thing, but turn to the other side of the room. (Basically you’re letting everyone know that Scotland is burning) “Look out, Look out”, put a hand over your eyes like you’re looking out – again, do it to one side the first time and the other side the second time. “Fire Fire Fire Fire”, alternate throwing hands up into the air. “Pour on water, pour on water”, mime pouring a bucket of water on the fire.

This can also be done with scarves. If you have enough scarves to pull out just the red/yellow/orange ones (i.e. fire) and the blue/green ones (water). You can do the chant with the scarves (modify the movements). When it comes to “Fire Fire fire fire” you can throw the reddish scarves on the floor, then cover them with the blue ones to “pour on water”. You can do this with each family having both colors, or you could some people be “fire” and some are “water”.

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