Join us for Enthousiasmos, a music appreciation series. Austin Artists, Arts Leaders, and ACMS Faculty will guide you through a series of musical adventures. Dive deep into one session or experience all four!


(Enthousiasmos is Greek, meaning to be inspired. We hope you find our programs inspiring!)

Fall 2020 Video Presentations

If you missed joining our Enthousiasmos live, you can still purchase access to the recorded presentations.

Class Teacher Full Price Purchase

Form & Essence [VIDEO] Matt Hinsley $ 20.00 Register
The History and Evolution of the Steel Pan [VIDEO] CJ Menge $ 20.00 Register
Rise up in Song: Music in Protest [VIDEO] Laura Jorgensen $ 20.00 Register
Free Your Mind's Ear: Adventures in Liberated Listening [VIDEO] Carla McElhaney $ 20.00 Register
Fall 2020 Bundle (includes all four videos) ACMS $ 75.00 Register



Summer 2020 Video Presentations

Did you miss our Summer Series? You can still purchase access to the video presentations. 

Class Teacher Full Price Purchase

Voice Types - From Chiaro to Oscuro [VIDEO] Liz Cass $ 20.00 Register
The Massacre of Spring [VIDEO] Peter Stopschinski $ 20.00 Register
Real Reasons Why Everyone Loves the Cello (Including You) [VIDEO Dr. Nora Karakousoglou $ 20.00 Register
Beethoven - The Sounds of a Revolution [VIDEO] Sara Hailu Sheerin $ 20.00 Register
Summer 2020 (includes all four videos) ACMS $ 75.00 Register