Armstrong Community Music School remains committed to serving Austin by providing excellent music education opportunities to all. ACMS has been fortunate as an organization to maneuver most classes and lessons to an online format during the shelter in place period. This includes free programming provided at several locations serving many of Austin’s most underserved populations as part of our Harmony Initiative. As a nonprofit organization ACMS always welcomes and seeks financial support to stay on track with the costs associated with keeping these commitments. Your unrestricted contribution ensures that ACMS will continue to provide these opportunities while offering stability for faculty and staff. 

Music Together Online (via Facebook)

Armstrong Community Music School (Westlake) (location map)
Mon - Sun, Anytime
04/06/20 - 06/07/20 (9 weeks)


Due to the disruptions of COVID-19, classes have been moved to an online format via Facebook. To access our online class, please register for this class and you will receive instructions on how to access video content. If you were already registered, your registration has been converted to this online class.

Upcoming Meetings
05/25/20    Anytime Monday 05/25/20 Anytime
05/26/20    Anytime Tuesday 05/26/20 Anytime
05/27/20    Anytime Wednesday 05/27/20 Anytime
05/28/20    Anytime Thursday 05/28/20 Anytime
05/29/20    Anytime Friday 05/29/20 Anytime
05/30/20    Anytime Saturday 05/30/20 Anytime
05/31/20    Anytime Sunday 05/31/20 Anytime
06/01/20    Anytime Monday 06/01/20 Anytime
06/02/20    Anytime Tuesday 06/02/20 Anytime
06/03/20    Anytime Wednesday 06/03/20 Anytime
06/04/20    Anytime Thursday 06/04/20 Anytime
06/05/20    Anytime Friday 06/05/20 Anytime
06/06/20    Anytime Saturday 06/06/20 Anytime
06/07/20    Anytime Sunday 06/07/20 Anytime