Armstrong Community Music School remains committed to serving Austin by providing excellent music education opportunities to all. ACMS has been fortunate as an organization to maneuver most classes and lessons to an online format during the shelter in place period. This includes free programming provided at several locations serving many of Austin’s most underserved populations as part of our Harmony Initiative. As a nonprofit organization ACMS always welcomes and seeks financial support to stay on track with the costs associated with keeping these commitments. Your unrestricted contribution ensures that ACMS will continue to provide these opportunities while offering stability for faculty and staff. 

MLM - Book 1

Toshio Mana
Armstrong Community Music School (Westlake) (location map)
Tuesday, 1:30 PM - 2:00 PM
09/22/20 - 02/09/21 (18 weeks)


(ages 4-6 years) Students join the adventures of Beethoven Bear and Mozart Mouse as they learn about music and the piano. Music for Little Mozarts helps students develop singing and music listening skills, and at the same time, provides a bridge between the discipline necessary for playing the piano and the fun of making music. Students will enjoy musical games and group activities as well as some individual time at the piano.

This series was written to provide appropriate piano instruction for 4, 5, and 6 year olds. It integrates age-appropriate instruction with musicianship activities that promote overall development. Though a large portion of class is spent at the piano, students do move from activity to activity in order to accommodate their attention span at these ages.

Book 1 is the first level in a series of four books.

Upcoming Meetings
10/27/20    1:30 PM Tuesday 10/27/20 1:30 PM
11/03/20    1:30 PM Tuesday 11/03/20 1:30 PM
11/10/20    1:30 PM Tuesday 11/10/20 1:30 PM
11/17/20    1:30 PM Tuesday 11/17/20 1:30 PM
11/24/20    <None> Tuesday (Thanksgiving Break (MLM)) 11/24/20
(Thanksgiving Break (MLM))
12/01/20    1:30 PM Tuesday 12/01/20 1:30 PM
12/08/20    1:30 PM Tuesday 12/08/20 1:30 PM
12/15/20    1:30 PM Tuesday 12/15/20 1:30 PM
12/22/20    <None> Tuesday (Winter Break) 12/22/20
(Winter Break)
12/29/20    <None> Tuesday (Winter Break) 12/29/20
(Winter Break)
01/05/21    1:30 PM Tuesday 01/05/21 1:30 PM
01/12/21    1:30 PM Tuesday 01/12/21 1:30 PM
01/19/21    1:30 PM Tuesday 01/19/21 1:30 PM
01/26/21    1:30 PM Tuesday 01/26/21 1:30 PM
02/02/21    1:30 PM Tuesday 02/02/21 1:30 PM
02/09/21    1:30 PM Tuesday 02/09/21 1:30 PM