Little Drummers, Big Voices (ages 3 - 5 years)

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Class length: 45 minutes

If your child has completed the parent-child curriculum, she may be ready for a class on her own. Or perhaps you are looking for a way to prepare your preschooler for a lifelong love of music while her “window of opportunity” for lifetime musical aptitude is still open.

These weekly, 45-minute classes are designed for children ages 3 – 5 years. Through the vehicle of play, your child will deepen her relationship with music. Students learn about different musical styles and the terminology that describes them so that they can put words to what they are hearing. They learn about instrument families and have the opportunity for hands-on exploration of some of the instruments and in some cases, making their own. And of course, it will encourage them to use and develop their singing voices and offer different expressions of rhythm through instrument play and large motor movements.

The curriculum is designed so that all learning styles are incorporated into the lesson plans and all five senses are used. Books, videos, arts and crafts enhance their understanding of each instrument. They will also begin to develop a musical vocabulary that can be used to describe any music they hear whether it is: presto or lento; piano or forte; a march or a waltz.

This class can be taken as a preparation for or in support of individual instrument lessons. It offers children a complementary approach to focusing on one instrument alone.


What are classes like?
A typical Little Drummers, Big Voices class begins with the Hello song and ends with the Goodbye song. In between, there are small- and large-motor movement activities that incorporate rhythm and singing, including: instrument play (i.e. play along), fingerplay, drama, dance and free-form movement. Each week they spend time listening to a piece of music and talking about it (briefly), and they meet an instrument – sometimes they even have the instrument in the classroom! There is also an arts & crafts component to the class. Some weeks we explore an instrument by building it ourselves. Some weeks we use a painting to help guide our listening experience. Every week, we play and have fun – and play is the perfect vehicle for a life-long love of music.


Class Time Day Teacher Status Full Price†

Little Drummers, Big Voices 9:30 AM Tuesday 09/11/18 - 11/13/18 Toshio Mana Open $ 302.00 - $ 337.00 Register
Little Drummers, Big Voices 10:30 AM Tuesday 09/11/18 - 11/13/18 Toshio Mana Canceled $ 302.00 - $ 337.00
Little Drummers, Big Voices 3:30 PM Thursday 09/13/18 - 11/15/18 Anthony Basini Open (2 Seats Left) $ 302.00 - $ 337.00 Register
Little Drummers, Big Voices 4:45 PM Thursday 09/13/18 - 11/15/18 Anthony Basini Open $ 302.00 - $ 337.00 Register
Little Drummers, Big Voices 10:30 AM Saturday 09/15/18 - 11/17/18 Toshio Mana Canceled $ 276.00 - $ 311.00
Little Drummers, Big Voices 11:00 AM Sunday 09/16/18 - 11/18/18 Monica Salas Canceled $ 276.00 - $ 311.00

† The price listed may include the one-time $35 family registration fee for new families. It may not account for any discounts or applicable pro-ration. Additional siblings may receive further discounts.