Private Instruction (ages 5 to adult)

ACMS is providing several options to its faculty and students for remote lessons, with  instructors having the opportunity to teach from ACMS or from their homes depending on their circumstances.


If the teacher chooses to teach from ACMS, the lesson will be charged as a regular lesson. If the teacher chooses to teach off-site, payment should be handled privately between the teacher and student. While an end date for this arrangement has not yet been set, students and teachers must agree to return to regular lessons through ACMS once an end date has been determined. 


We know what a big step starting private instruction can be for a student. We’re here to help make that step meaningful, rewarding and long lasting. The more information we have about interests, goals, previous experience and expectations, the better we’ll be at personally placing you or your child with one of our fine instructors.

Individual music instruction is available in piano, voice, violin, viola, cello, guitar, bass guitar, lute, flute, composition, music theory and recording engineering. For instruments not currently taught at our facility, we do maintain a list of referrals so please feel free to call us for a recommendation.

Each student is ready for private instruction at different points, but here are some general age guidelines that might be helpful in your decision making process:

  • Piano – ages 5 and up
  • Violin – ages 5 and up
  • Flute – ages 5 and up
  • Guitar – ages 6 and up
  • Cello – ages 7 and up
  • Composition, theory, sight-singing – ages 10 and up
  • Recording engineering – ages 12 and up
  • Electric Guitar and Bass – ages 12 and up
  • Voice – ages 14 and up

We understand that the student-teacher relationship is an important bond for the success of lessons and we match students and teachers according to the student’s age, musical interests and experience, as well as according to time frame requests.

*Effective June 1st, 2017* Private instruction tuition is $32.50 for 30-minute lessons, $48.75 for 45-minute lessons, and $65 for an hour of instruction. The Armstrong Community Music School has a one-time $35 registration fee per family. This charge covers all of our programs and is valid for an entire household.

If you are interested in signing up for private lessons and would like to discuss options or have questions, please call (512) 474-2331 or contact us. Otherwise, please visit our Private Instruction Inquiry page and fill out the form. Someone will respond to you as quickly as possible.