MLM Program Policies

Welcome to Music for Little Mozarts at ACMS! 

We are so glad that you have chosen Music for Little Mozarts for your child at the Armstrong Community Music School!  This promises to be a wonderful, musical experience for your son or daughter and will bring your family closer to knowing the joy of music. 

We want to reiterate how important your role is as a parent with a child in MLM.  It is necessary to guide and share in the learning process at home by supervising practice and reading directions to your child.  Please discuss the pictures in the book together, read the story in the Music Lesson Book to them, and listen to the compact discs together as a family. 

We have included some comments from the authors of the MLM series for your interest.  Please feel free to call us if you ever have any questions.   


MLM Program Policies 


ACMS can reserve a space in any Music for Little Mozarts class only after payment has been received.  


Class refunds: 

Registration requires a commitment to the full 18 weeks of class. Refunds will not be available once the MLM session has started.  


Make-up classes:  

Make-up classes will not be available unless there is a space in another class with your child’s regular teacher during the same week of your child’s absence.  Contact the registrar to see if a make-up class is possible.  If a make-up is not possible, visit to get the week’s assignment.  


Weather Cancellations 

To get the latest information regarding closures or cancellations due to inclement weather, please check our website or check our voicemail message by calling (512) 474-2331. We will also provide updated information via direct email notifications, but advise checking the website or voicemail before leaving your home. 


MLM Classroom Policies 

  • It is important that each student comes to class with all their books each week. If they arrive without their materials, their learning and participation will be greatly hindered for that lesson. 
  • Each student will receive a detailed Assignment Page each week.  Please follow the assignment closely and complete the appropriate pages at home during music/practice time.  Many students will enjoy the workbook pages so much that they will want to work beyond the assigned material.  However, it is best to wait until the indicated pages in the Lesson Book have been covered before the corresponding material in the workbook is studied. 
  • Find a time and quiet place that works best, and practice together regularly (at least 5 days a week). 
  • Let the time before class be a calm time for your child so they are mentally ready for class.  Very active play carries over into the class and prevents focus for the beginning of class.  Try listening to the CDs in the car before class, or reading a book together in the lobby. 
  • Please do not bring your child to class if they have a contagious illness and/or did not attend school because of illness.  All weekly assignments may be found online at: 
  • Please keep voices quiet throughout the school and in the lobby.  Other ACMS students take private lessons throughout the day. It is imperative we maintain a respectful atmosphere towards their learning by keeping our voices quiet in the hallways.