Early Childhood Music Online FAQs

Spring 2021 EC Schedule

  10:30am Canta y Baila Monica ZOOM
  10:30am Music Together Chrissy Facebook
  2:00pm Rhythm Kids Anthony Facebook
  5:30pm Rhythm Kids Toshio ZOOM
  3:30pm Rhythm Kids Toshio Facebook
  3:30pm Music Together Anthony ZOOM
  5:30pm Music Together Bethany Facebook
  12:30pm Music Together Lindsey Facebook
  1:30pm Music Together Anthony Facebook
  11:30am Rhythm Kids Natalie Facebook
  9:30am Music Together Lindsey ZOOM
  3:30pm Music Together Natalie Facebook
  11:00am Rhythm Kids Natalie ZOOM
  3:30pm Canta y Baila Monica Facebook

FAQs for Spring 2021 Early Childhood Music

(Music Together®, Canta y Baila, Rhythm Kids)


Are classes on Facebook or Zoom?
It's a mixture of both. You're siging up primarily for your Zoom class time. But we'll also have short, 15-minute videos posted to a private Facebook group as per the schedule posted here. 


Am I signing up for a particular time? Can I only do one class per week?
Yes, you are signing up for a particular Zoom day and time. While guests and visitors are certainly welcome, we've found that having a reliable core group of families helps on several levels. For the teacher, knowing whom to expect and how they might interact - favorite songs, favorite animals, favorite activites - helps in lesson planning. For families, seeing other familiar faces (even if briefly) helps establish a sense of community.

So, as we to transition back towards a more robust number of class offerings, we are requiring that everyone pick a day and time for the interactive Zoom classes. If you're interested in maintaining access to all Zoom classes offered, please sign up for our All Access Pass. 

There are no restrictions on the number of Facebook videos you watch.


What happens if I miss my Zoom class?
As with our in-person classes, we know that things happen. Families are allowed 2 make-ups per session. If a situation arises and you require more flexibility please contact us. To schedule a Zoom make-up, please call the front desk at (512) 920-2267 or (512) 474-2331. You can also use the online Make-up Scheduler.


What is the All Access Pass?
Those who purchase the All Access Pass add-on will be authorized to come to any and all Zoom classes.


How will I access Facebook?
We have a special Spring 2021 Early Childhood Music group on Facebook. Anyone enrolled in Spring 2021 will receive an invitation to join the group.


How will I access Zoom?
We have set up a page with Zoom information - a meeting link, meeting ID, password, and schedule. Anyone enrolled in the class will be able to access this page if they're logged in on our website. The page will also be accessible via a password in the case that the kids are somewhere where they don't have a caregiver with login access to our website. Again, an email will be sent in the next few days.

In addition, a direct link to the Zoom class will also be posted in the Facebook group prior to class beginning.