Armstrong Community Music School remains committed to serving Austin by providing excellent music education opportunities to all. ACMS has been fortunate as an organization to maneuver most classes and lessons to an online format during the shelter in place period. This includes free programming provided at several locations serving many of Austin’s most underserved populations as part of our Harmony Initiative. As a nonprofit organization ACMS always welcomes and seeks financial support to stay on track with the costs associated with keeping these commitments. Your unrestricted contribution ensures that ACMS will continue to provide these opportunities while offering stability for faculty and staff. 

Music Together & Canta y Baila Online FAQs

FAQs for Summer 1


What is the schedule for online segments?
10:30am - Chrissy (Facebook)
1:30pm - Anthony (Facebook)
3:30pm - Monica (ZOOM)
10:30am - Toshio (Facebook)
3:30pm - Anthony (ZOOM)
10:30am - Natalie (ZOOM)
3:30pm - Chrissy (ZOOM)
5:30pm - Bethany (Facebook)
10:30am - Lindsey (Facebook)
3:30pm - Larisa (ZOOM)
10:30am - Bethany (ZOOM)
3:30pm - Larisa (Facebook)
10:30am - Lindsey (ZOOM)
3:30pm - Natalie (Facebook)
9:30am - Toshio (ZOOM)
3:30pm - Monica (Facebook)



Am I signing up for a particular time? Can I only do one class per week?
The great advantage to these online classes is that we're not restricted by building and room occupancy limits. Therefore you're just signing up for general access to the semester. Pick as many class experiences per week as you want!


Will classes be on Facebook or Zoom?
Classes will happen on BOTH Facebook and Zoom. There will be at least one 30-minute Zoom class every day and at least one 15-minute Facebook post. We'll record the teacher during Zoom classes and post that video to Facebook 24 hours later, as well.


How will I access Facebook?
We'll be sending an email in the next few days with a link to a new Summer 1 2020 Early Childhood Music group on Facebook. We'll also be sending invitations via Facebook to join the group.


How will I access Zoom?
We have set up a page with Zoom information - a meeting link, meeting ID, password, and schedule. Anyone enrolled in the class will be able to access this page if they're logged in on our website. The page will also be accessible via a password in the case that the kids are somewhere where they don't have a caregiver with login access to our website. Again, an email will be sent in the next few days.

In addition, a direct link to the Zoom class will also be posted in the Facebook group prior to class beginning.